Pandu Supriyono


I'm a firm believer in the open, accessible and inclusive web. I do my best to contribute to this web in my work. is designed to be an accessible website. It is designed and tested so that it:

  • can be viewed at 300% zoom without losing the ability to view all content
  • can be used with only a keyboard
  • can be used with assistive technologies such as speech recognition software and screen readers

In general, I try to comply with the Web Content Acessibility Guidelines 2.1 AA standard, but I understand that meeting these standards does not automatically mean that my website is accessible.

I have not systematically tested this website with a diverse group of testers, but I am willing to make this investment when my budget allows for it. Until then, I rely on my own experience with web accessibility, community-developed guidance on the internet as well as feedback from users to improve this website's accessibility.

I am constantly working on improving my writing skills. My goal is to write so that people who have a B1 level of English in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) can read and understand my written work. A B1 level of English is roughly equal to a 4.0 - 5.0 IELTS score or 42 - 72 TOEFL iBT score.

The source code to this website is publicly accessibly on GitHub. I invite you to share your complaints and suggestions by raising an issue on GitHub or by contacting me.